Cancellation Policy

While there is no option for a customer to cancel the order on their own, you can get in touch with us through or +91-8765057955 as soon as possible with your order details. As long as your order has not been processed, we can cancel it. In such a case we will refund any payments already made by you through the same mode by which you made the payment. If we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies the terms & conditions of using the website, we at our sole discretion could cancel such orders. We will maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and customers and would deny access to them or cancel any orders placed by them.

Samriddhi Foods Enterprises shall not be liable for any delay / non-delivery of purchased goods by the vendors, trade organization/s, manufacturers / shop etc. (vendors), flood, fire, wars, acts of God, communal riots or any cause that is beyond the control of Samriddhi Foods.

Refund Policy

Orders once placed & processed through our website may not be cancelled or refunded.

Estimated Delivery Time is approximate 7 – 12 days to deliver the Food items to the Customer. In the event of any delay or default in such delivery, Samriddhi Foods Pickles shall in no event or circumstances be held liable or responsible for the same.

In the event the Customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the food items, the Customer shall not be entitled to seek cancellation or refund of the billed amounts. However, in the event of any shortfall in delivery or the food items having spilled/ or being damaged, the Customer shall inform Samriddhi Foods Enterprises through mail/WhatsApp of the same within 12 hours of the delivery of product. Samriddhi Foods Enterprises shall thereafter initiate investigations in the matter of complaint received and shall make reasonable efforts to complete such investigation within a period of ten days from the date of such commencement. The decision of Samriddhi Foods Enterprises on completion of such investigation shall be final, binding and conclusive on the Customer and the customer shall not dispute the same. It is to be noted down that if these issues have been found genuine then also no refund of money will be made against the order and another pack containing same product which have been shotfell will be dispatched by Samriddhi Foods Enterprises after the resolution of our investigation against such issues.

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